Meet Our Team

Our caring and compassionate veterinary team.

Our Veterinarians

Dr. Derek Fingler

Veterinarian, DVM

Although Dr. Derek Fingler always loved animals and grew up with Ginny, his family’s lovable retriever mix, by his side, he didn’t always know that veterinary medicine was his calling. After high school, Derek ventured into engineering, attending Royal Military College where he received a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering degree and started a career as a Naval Marine Systems Engineering Officer.

Dr. Fingler says the next five years were some of the most rewarding and successful of his life, but he came to realize that he wanted to make an immediate difference in people’s lives and that he missed the animal bond he had felt as a kid. Veterinary medicine was his answer! He attended veterinary school shortly thereafter and never looked back. He’s been a professional veterinarian since 2000 and the practice owner of Greenboro Veterinary Clinic since its opening in 2003.

As both veterinarian and owner, Dr. Fingler has a wide range of interests and responsibilities at GVC. He has a special interest in surgery and dentistry—he says it plays nicely into his engineering-trained thinking process!—and his ownership role affords him the opportunities and challenges of leadership.

Derek shares his life with his wife Anne and four teenage or young adult children. The family is currently ``between dogs`` 🙁 but is kept very entertained by a cat named Todd (who thinks he is a dog).

When he has a spare moment, Dr. Fingler likes to ride his motorcycle and escape to his cottage where he enjoys swimming, kayaking, tinkering on various items, playing games and reading.

Dr. Tara Betnaza

Veterinarian, DVM

Dr. Tara Betnaza graduated from the Atlantic Veterinary College in 2005. After graduation, she moved from coast to coast, and spent almost ten years practicing small animal medicine and surgery in Vancouver, BC.

She has a soft spot for senior animals, as well as those most in need. Some of her most fulfilling experiences as a veterinarian include helping animals after hurricane Katrina and the 2007 earthquake in Peru. She currently works casually at the Ottawa Humane Society providing medical care and surgery for shelter animals.

Dr. Betnaza enjoys building meaningful connections with her clients and their animals, and working with them to provide the most ideal care possible.

Ottawa became home in 2014, when Tara moved here with her husband and two small children. They have all made wonderful friends here and are enjoying the green spaces and endless family activities the city has to offer. They have since adopted a black lab named Mary (as in Poppins) who falls a bit short of being practically perfect, and a tabby cat named Frankie, who really is perfect.

Dr. Lisa Ypma

Veterinarian, DVM

Dr. Lisa Ypma is excited to join the caring and fun group at Greenboro Veterinary Clinic! As a child growing up in Prince Edward County, Lisa was already examining and caring for the variety of pets and animals which crossed her path. She spent most of her teen age years in veterinary clinics or in equestrian stables! Her respect for the unconditional love of animals, combined with a passion and respect for science, the medical field and connecting with people made becoming a veterinarian an obvious and unwavering choice!

Lisa graduated from the Ontario Veterinary College in 2000. For the initial chapter of her veterinary career, Lisa practiced at the Ottawa Veterinary Hospital in both emergency and general practice. She is enthusiastic to continue her veterinary journey with the team at GVC. Lisa embraces preventive care as it is a vital component in maintaining a healthy human-animal bond. She also enjoys the variety of internal medicine, surgical and dental cases that are encountered in providing thorough care. She has maintained a passion for veterinary medicine and sharing/mentoring aspects of this with others.

Away from veterinary medicine, Lisa loves being a mother and volunteering. For relaxation, she enjoys gardening, cooking and enjoying the beautiful outdoors whether kayaking, swimming or being outwitted or run playing games and sports with her kids on land! Lisa and her husband Mark have 2 sons, Andrew and Lucas. Their present 4 legged landlords are felines Cujo and Wendel who were both taken in as country strays. To date, these felines have not been thrilled with the family wish to someday have a canine tenant!

Our Careteam

Rachel Bourgon

Registered Veterinary Technician, RVT

Rachel Bourgon felt a strong connection with animals since she was a young girl and knew she wanted to care for both people and animals. She never gave up on her dreams–since graduating from St. Lawrence College in 1998, Rachel has had a career of more than 15 years as a registered Veterinary Technician working in the field of mixed animal medicine!

Rachel loves every aspect of her job and tries to treat each and every pet as if they were her own. She strives for the improvement and preservation of the human-animal bond through animal behavior counseling. She enjoys caring for a pet’s emotional needs just as much as their medical needs.

When not enjoying her time at work with the rest of the Greenboro Veterinary Clinic team, Rachel tries to maximize her time on her motorcycle or snowmobile with her husband Shane. She’s also interested in gardening and enjoys oil painting, for which she’s won awards! Rachel and Shane live with their two dogs, Scooter and Moose, and two cats, Beaner, and Copper.

Melanie Boileau

Registered Veterinary Technician, RVT

Mel became a Registered Veterinary Technician in 2006 and has loved every day of her career! Since coming back from her maternity leave she has chosen Greenboro Veterinary Clinic as her 'forever home'.

Melanie is passionate about finding the best way to work with the animals that come into her care which causes them the least amount of stress. Sometimes this means quiet reassuring whispers and other times it’s treats and rambunctious play.

At home, Melanie’s family consists of her boyfriend, their three kids, one wee little dog and two cats. Mel is passionate about fitness and enjoys obstacle course races.

Mandy Dombroski

Client Care Representative / Veterinary Assistant

Mandy Dombroski grew up in the small country town of Barry’s Bay looking after her many pets. After high school, she considered going to school for culinary arts, hotel management, or interior decorating, but her passion for animals won out and she decided to pursue her dreams in the veterinary medicine field!

Mandy attended Algonquin College to study veterinary medicine, during which she was positioned at Greenboro Veterinary Clinic for the field placement portion of her studies. She ended up staying after graduation and has worked as a Veterinary Assistant ever since! To this day, she is fascinated by the way a veterinarian can figure out the problem and proper treatment for an animal without them being able to speak. She loves being able to improve her skills, increase her knowledge, and give lots of hugs to clients’ furry companions!

Mandy lives with her cats Peanut and Squishy and an energetic terrier mix named Charlie. In her spare time, she likes to curl up with a good book, go hiking, watch documentaries, and spend all the time she can with her family and friends.

Keri Nelson

Registered Veterinary Technician, RVT

Keri graduated from Algonquin College’s Vet Tech program after doing her field placement with the Greenboro Veterinary Clinic. She was hired as a technician assistant/technician in training and has successfully become a registered veterinary technician and is actively developing her skill sets. She happily shares her home with two dogs, Charlie and Shadow.

Cassidy Spero

Client Care Representative / Veterinary Assistant

Cassidy is a new graduate of the Algonquin College’s Veterinary Assistant Program and came to work with us after completing her course. She is always excited and interested in every animal that comes to our care and has been passionate about animal health since she was little. Her favorite thing about the Veterinary Medicine Field is being able to make the pet’s experiences friendly and fun, and putting a smile on our client’s faces.
When she has spare time Cassidy loves to be outdoors mostly camping and fishing with her boyfriend Derek and his daughter. The 3 of them live with their guinea pig, Dwight and would love to adopt more furry family members into their home.

Tom Fingler

Veterinary Assistant

Tom is looking forward to attending University in the fall in a bio-sciences program in hopes of following his passion of helping animals in need. Having a veterinarian as a role model his whole life has really intrigued Tom to pursue similar work. His favorite aspect about Veterinary Medicine is the idea that every animal leaves the clinic having received the professional care necessary to be happier and healthier.

In his spare time, Tom enjoys playing sports and video games with his friends. He has been playing competitive hockey for the past few years and hopes to continue to play hockey in some capacity for as long as he is still able.