Slim Fit Weight Loss Program

Obesity is a growing concern among companion animals that can have dire consequences. Even if your pet is only a few pounds overweight, he or she may be at a much greater risk of developing a number of serious medical conditions, such as diabetes. At Greenboro Veterinary Clinic, we want to see all of our patients achieve and maintain their ideal weight so that they can enjoy long, healthy lives.

The Slim Fit program helps our doctors to determine the number of calories your pet should be consuming daily in order to achieve their ideal weight. We will also look at individual details like lifestyle, breed, age and current health to determine what types of exercise, and at what frequency and intensity level, would be the best fit for your companion.

We may also recommend making a change to how much and how often you’re feeding your pet. For instance, switching from one or two large meals daily to several smaller meals throughout the day can boost the metabolism and promote a healthier weight.

Once on the program, we recommend that you bring your pet in frequently to have them weighed and assess their progress. If we’re not seeing the desired results, we can adjust our approach accordingly until we successfully help your pet achieve his or her goal. By reaching that optimum weight, and more importantly – maintaining it over time, your animal companion is much more likely to live many happy, healthy years by your side.

If your pet is overweight, we invite you to start a discussion about this complimentary service. Our experienced team can help you determine if the Slim Fit program is right for you and your companion.